High bandwidth Hosting and Storage

N+1 Specification

High Bandwidth and Storage

Can be run from UPS indefinitely

Pro-active Monitoring

Centre manned 24x7x365

Dual Power Feeds

Un-interruptible Power Supply

UK based operations with First Class customer service!


Any web sites that you host with The Biggest Box are held in  our data centre which is a N+1 specification; if any service fails such as power or air conditioning a backup kicks in automatically.


It has dual power feeds and there ia also a UPS system in place which ensures that if there is a power failure the system will be automatically protected.


The Centre is manned 24x7x365 by engineers who pro-actively monitor to prevent any technical problems.





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All of the web servers we use are Dell running Redhat Enterprise Linux, we feel that this is the most stable hardware and software combination available in web hosting to date.

The network itself is a fully Cisco Gigabit network. Cisco is the industry leader in networking products and provides the very best in routing and switching technology. The centre makes use of a 100% CAT6 network cabling installation, to ensure gigabit speeds throughout, unlike some other hosts who can only offer 100MB through CAT5 cable, we offer a full 1000MB connection.

The connection to the internet makes use of a multi-homed network utilising BGP4 technology. This is basically several separate connections to the Backbone of the internet. This allows redundancy, should a link fail the others kick in and all traffic is re-routed ensuring connectivity is maintained. This type of connection also allows the traffic to be sent via the fastest route to find its destination.


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